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Democratic Dissatisfaction

If you are active on social media, and you engage with your audience, you'll learn a lot about how the people think and feel. This is a message that is lost on our representatives.

Regarding Anthony Flaccavento's announcement that he would seek to oppose Morgan Griffith for the 9th District of Virginia Congressional Seat, one internet comment said:

"I can't tell if you're being serious... Griffith trounced him in 2012."

and another opined

"If he's going to seriously contend he needs to get out into the areas that have been truly forgotten."

While one dissatisfied Republican proclaimed that "No democrat is winning here" while ruminating on his desire to challenge Morgan Griffith in the Republican primary.


When WDBJ7 posted the campaign announcement, highlighting Flaccavento's stated "first platform", a Top Comment on Facebook read "I love this 'first platform' but the corrupt [Democratic Party] agenda is [to] paint the pretty picture then screw the people. So, no."


This sentiment is one that is echoed all across America, and it resonates in my own heart and mind. I believe the people are seeking a choice between the two halves of the entrenched establishment, and the promise that my campaign makes is to give the people of the 9th District that choice.

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